Bridge the gap between tech and non-tech

Teams use reqfire to gather requirements & generate models, communicate to developers & clients,
and build better apps & websites.

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gather requirements...

model how it works

and get it built!

Test and build ideas faster

Built for rapid requirements analysis

Prototype faster with Use Cases

Automatically generate specification documents

Create better websites and apps

Bring process to your project with the Use Case Methodology

Unambiguous specifications lets you develop without doubts

Visualise your project to better prioritise or drop features

Communicate using a common language

Communicate with a language that business can understand

Bridge the gap between tech and non-tech teams

Get approval & showcase your work in a client-ready format

reqfire saved us from making a false start - DPos

How to model apps in 5 steps

Reqfire is easy-to-use and fast. In this example we will model a chat-bot in five steps.
See how you could save time and produce better sites and apps.


Start with a template

Get a headstart on your project. Use our templates to add common use cases, interfaces and forms for social apps.

Now you're ready to customise your model.


Get your requirements

Collect requirements straight into the app and then link them to the other parts of your model.

With your project approved it’s time to add in what your app requires.


Design the look and feel

Upload your app interfaces, detail forms, define business rules and include objects.

With the app model taking shape you’re ready to connect it all together.


Define your app's behaviour

The use case editor connects your app in every way. Link to requirements, add users and actors, their activity and what they use.

With the app defined it’s time to share your work.


Share your model & get it built

Generate your model automatically then show off your work to the client and give your development team a spec to build off.

In five steps you’ve completed a requirements model for your app.

reqfire is a key part of our outsourced technology development - Wine Genius